Month: May 2016

Make your life easier… just get a cleaner

I hate doing it, you hate doing it, everyone hates doing it. What is it? The cleaning!

We’ve all been there, we’ve put it off and put it off some more, only to find the mess piling up, making the inevitable job more daunting. For those of us who are married, and even more so if you have kids, a messy home can be a point of contention. The amount of arguments I’ve had with the Mrs about ‘…who emptied the dishwasher last…’, ‘…why hasn’t anyone done the washing…’, the list goes on!

Ya know what. I often told my self ‘… there’s gotta be an easier way’. And guess what… there is! Professional house cleaning services are, quite literally, the way forward. I pay someone to come round the house once a week to spend an hour cleaning up our mess. Awesome! It’s more than having the house cleaned… it makes my life so much easier because it gets the Mrs off my back… and lads, you can’t put a price on that.

Now I’m free to kick back in the evening when I finish work, watch the football, without a care in the world for the dishwasher or its contents. Bliss! Could I do with the money instead? Absolutely not–money very well spent indeed.

My recommendation is: Before choosing a cleaning agency, do your home work. Ask around, see who’s using what services. Look online. Take them for a spin! (Not literally.) Hire someone for a trial; two weeks should be enough to figure out if they’re any good or not.

Our cleaner is nothing short of amazing! In one hour she vacuums the upstairs and downstairs, cleans both bathrooms and does the kitchen. She must have rocket boots or something… cause I just don’t know how she does it so fast!

What’s behind door number one…?

So you go out with a few mates for a beer or three. It’s a good night… you chat, dance, get something to eat… maybe meet a girl. You stumble home with your mates only to find that you’ve lost your keys. It could be worse… no… no wait — yep. It’s started raining.

So what do you do? Call your parents? Hmmmm —  probably not the best idea, they’re gonna be pretty mad with a wake-up call at four am in the morning. Phone a friend? Ah — yes… they’re stood right next to you. There’s only one thing left to do… break the door down of course — duh!

The next morning, you wake up thinking, why am i so cold? Urgh — why does my head hurt so much? Where’s my television?? Why is the front door wide open??? Soon enough, you remember your boozy night out and the fate of your once trusty front door…

What does one do in such situations? Let me tell you, you find a door repair specialist that’s what. We know some of the best there are. They’re so good that they not only repair front doors, they repair pretty much anything with a hinge on it. In fact, garage door repair birmingham al has saved me from many a drunken night out. Ah — c’mon! We’ve all been there, don’t pretend that you haven’t. Anyway, these guys are professional, timely, and they provide great value. I thoroughly recommend them. I also strongly recommend that alcohol be consumed responsibly and that one’s keys be kept in a safe yet accessible place… also keep a spare hidden somewhere inconspicuous.

The moral of the story: Have fun, don’t be silly, door specialists rock, spare keys are the way to go, don’t break down your front door… it hurts and it’s stupid.

No one nose about it but you

If only Pinocchio had a rhino-plastic surgeon. What would the story have turned out like if he did? Probably a tonne more lies without anyone knowing about it — right?
Interesting concept indeed… the fact is that nose surgery is huge business and big bucks. In some cases it’s a right of passage for the rich and famous. However, consider that nose jobs or rhino-plastic surgery, which ever name floats your proverbial boat, also has noble applications in medicine. Often used to treat trauma-related injuries and even birth defects, people shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that just because someone has had a nose job… it’s because they are vain.
Let’s focus on the vain, nose-altering majority for a second. Did you know that rhinoplasty is the single biggest cosmetic surgery niche? That’s right! Every year, this industry rakes in billions (that’s right millions with a ‘b’) in revenue. That’s why you often see rhinoplasty surgeons driving around in Ferraris, drinking Crystal while smoking Cubans. Hmmmm… maybe a little far fetched… I mean, how could you physically drink and smoke at the same time…? I’m sure the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon probably gives it a good shot though.
All jokes a side, these businesses are little gems. What’s better is that people are always going to be vain. There noses are always going to be too big, too small, too long, too short, to wide, too narrow or too… well… you get the idea. Happy days!Now where did i put my glass of crystal? But wait! Recent figures suggest a decrease in nose surgeries and an increase in other cosmetic enhancement procedures. Whaaaaaaaat!? Yip — butt implants are becoming common place, we can thank Niki Minaj for that… <ahem>. Pucker up ladies — what about lip collegian injections? And lads, don’t think you’ve been left out. There are a whole host of businesses dedicated to provide you guys with pec-, bicep-, tricep- and leg-enhancing implants. God forbid you’d have to do some exercise for the same look…