Liz Swann-Miller’s Red Smoothie Diet

This new diet system that is in form of an ebook contains a comprehensive information that you can use not only to lead a healthy life but also shed more punds within the shortest time possible. Just as the name suggests, the diet is highlights the benefits of achieving your healthy goals through drinking of red smoothies every day. The tasty and easy to prepare drinks which is packed with red fruits can help you to achieve most of your major health goals which include losing weight and you will also develop resistance to popular lifestyle diseases.

Elizabeth Swann Mller insists that these drinks are rich in many ingredients that have been previously overlooked. They contain antioxidants which are responsible of geetting rid of toxins from the body. In the process of releasing these toxins, one will be able to drop some pounds. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals which help to improve the overall well-being of your health and also help to keep your mind in sharp and active. Smoothie Detox Diet focuses on the five proven tips that can be help one to cut on the weight.

Red fruit used in detox smoothie

The diet also highlights about the importance of four ingredients which if are used in the correct proportions, they can help one lose up to even 20 pounds in fourteen days. the ingredients are maca, cocoa, chia seeds and vanilla. The author explains how these ingredients are cheap and you can easily get them. In this guide, there is a 14 day detoxification plan where you will be drinking only this drink during this period and after that your body will be free of toxins. Other halthy living issues that have been highlighted in this diet plan include the following.

• The results that you should expect during detoxification process.

• How to evaluate your well-being

• Detailed information as to why you need detoxification.

• Foods and drinks that you should consume during detoxification.