If only Pinocchio had a rhino-plastic surgeon. What would the story have turned out like if he did? Probably a tonne more lies without anyone knowing about it — right?
Interesting concept indeed… the fact is that nose surgery is huge business and big bucks. In some cases it’s a right of passage for the rich and famous. However, consider that nose jobs or rhino-plastic surgery, which ever name floats your proverbial boat, also has noble applications in medicine. Often used to treat trauma-related injuries and even birth defects, people shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that just because someone has had a nose job… it’s because they are vain.
Let’s focus on the vain, nose-altering majority for a second. Did you know that rhinoplasty is the single biggest cosmetic surgery niche? That’s right! Every year, this industry rakes in billions (that’s right millions with a ‘b’) in revenue. That’s why you often see rhinoplasty surgeons driving around in Ferraris, drinking Crystal while smoking Cubans. Hmmmm… maybe a little far fetched… I mean, how could you physically drink and smoke at the same time…? I’m sure the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon probably gives it a good shot though.
All jokes a side, these businesses are little gems. What’s better is that people are always going to be vain. There noses are always going to be too big, too small, too long, too short, to wide, too narrow or too… well… you get the idea. Happy days!Now where did i put my glass of crystal? But wait! Recent figures suggest a decrease in nose surgeries and an increase in other cosmetic enhancement procedures. Whaaaaaaaat!? Yip — butt implants are becoming common place, we can thank Niki Minaj for that… <ahem>. Pucker up ladies — what about lip collegian injections? And lads, don’t think you’ve been left out. There are a whole host of businesses dedicated to provide you guys with pec-, bicep-, tricep- and leg-enhancing implants. God forbid you’d have to do some exercise for the same look…