Atlantic Coast Pain Specialists are the number one choice for pain management myrtle beach area.
We offer a wide array of discomfort management and relief solutions, so whatever your complaint is, we are sure to be able to help. Keep reading to find out why we believe we are the best option to help you relive your unnecessary discomfort.
We understand the frustration of having to deal with ailments. Because of this compassion and understanding, coupled with our extensive medical and physical know how, we can assure you that you’re is in capable hands with us.

Whether you are plagued by the anguish of a fractured spine, or are unable to take the unbearable pain of sciatica any longer, we are able to help. We endeavour to see you as quickly as possible upon referral and you will be in the capable hands of our doctor and nurses every visit.
We will then asses your medical information and ensure you get the right treatment and medication for your ailment ? all in the friendly, efficient and most of all, compassionate way that Atlantic Coast Pain handles our patients.
Our team consists of a young yet experienced group of experts. From Blake Klein MD who boasts over two decades experience in this field to our two nurses, Ashleigh Hotaling and Chelsea Barnhill. The practice is overseen by the capable hands of Practice Manager, Lauren Butler.
The youth mixed with experience ensures you get the best available new technologies, coupled with the comforting knowledge that our team knows how to treat you and manage your issue the best way possible. Atlantic Coast Pain aims to utilize the best available assets to discomfort management, and this can be seen by our use of the Fluoroscopy e-ray machine we operate. State of the art technology to go with our state of the art service you receive from us.