So you go out with a few mates for a beer or three. It’s a good night… you chat, dance, get something to eat… maybe meet a girl. You stumble home with your mates only to find that you’ve lost your keys. It could be worse… no… no wait — yep. It’s started raining.

So what do you do? Call your parents? Hmmmm —  probably not the best idea, they’re gonna be pretty mad with a wake-up call at four am in the morning. Phone a friend? Ah — yes… they’re stood right next to you. There’s only one thing left to do… break the door down of course — duh!

The next morning, you wake up thinking, why am i so cold? Urgh — why does my head hurt so much? Where’s my television?? Why is the front door wide open??? Soon enough, you remember your boozy night out and the fate of your once trusty front door…

What does one do in such situations? Let me tell you, you find a door repair specialist that’s what. We know some of the best there are. They’re so good that they not only repair front doors, they repair pretty much anything with a hinge on it. In fact, garage door repair birmingham al has saved me from many a drunken night out. Ah — c’mon! We’ve all been there, don’t pretend that you haven’t. Anyway, these guys are professional, timely, and they provide great value. I thoroughly recommend them. I also strongly recommend that alcohol be consumed responsibly and that one’s keys be kept in a safe yet accessible place… also keep a spare hidden somewhere inconspicuous.

The moral of the story: Have fun, don’t be silly, door specialists rock, spare keys are the way to go, don’t break down your front door… it hurts and it’s stupid.