Everyone loves spending the stuff but not many think twice about saving it… even less think about making it work for them. Capitalism has turned most of us into little consumers it seems, with little thought about our futures. Live for today–don’t worry about tomorrow.

There’s so much temptation out there nowadays! You can lease everything from houses, to cars, to phones… is it any wonder that household debt is rising. The more financially aware of us take measures to  ensure our wealth continues into our latter years.

Wealth management is the biggest thing to hit the financial markets in recent times. Many of these little companies have been started, with their founders often having seasoned backgrounds gained from years working for financial institutions. All are qualified in the financial services, although some specialize in areas. This could be mortgage, investment, pension, and/or income protection advice.

Pen on paper--word says investment

Independent financial advisors like www.andersonwm.co.uk are worth their weight in gold it might seem. Their ability to enable the average person in the street to truly maximize their income is nothing short of amazing. With the financial crash of 2007 still lingering in the minds of the global populous, I’m surprised that financial advice isn’t compulsory.

It would be even better if the national curriculum included information that showed children how to better manage their money, making them better prepared for later life… we can only hope. Although, who’s to blame us as individuals or the wider financial system… I’ll leave that with you to decide.

What I do think is hard to refute… is that the world would be a much better place if everyone–and I mean everyone–had their finances in order. After all… this is one area where we all have worried about at one time or other… isn’t it?